Deep Yellow

A science fiction, action/adventure novel, involving;

  • Brell Sturlach - a drug addict and disgraced ex Police Corps officer 
  • A deadly game show called Convict Challenge
  • A nun, who comitted murder
  • A man whom Brell never wants to meet again
  • Holographic backdrops, based on a newly discovered alien world
  • A crime boss who wants to fix the show

The first challenge is set in Rome

The Fight for Locardum

The first task facing Brell Sturlach and her robot assistant is to liberate a prisoner about to be executed. Together they must locate and transport the Locardum ore, used to manufacture deadly weapons, before it falls into criminal hands. Brell is also pursuing a separate goal, namely to kill the man who murdered her partner. He too is after the ore and will punish anyone in his way. 
The story unfolds into an action packed adventure of cat and mouse across the galaxy.
Who will find the Locardum first?
(This novel can be read as a standalone novel, or as part of the Brell Sturlach adventure series.)

 Released March 2018

The Search for Locardum

A science fiction, action/adventure novel, involving;

  • Brell Sturlach, an ex Police Corps officer and cargo freighter pilot 
  • Ten challengers taking part in a life or death struggle on a game show
  • A robot who enjoys pirate drama shows
  • A psychotic blackmailer employed by a crime boss
  • A woman intent on claiming her family's inheritance

all searching for Locardum, a rare ore used in weapon manufacture.

 99p  $.99 or via Kindle Unlimited

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