Stuart F. Dodds

Hello everyone

Stuart's career in law enforcement involved fights, drama, boredom, and working an unhealthy number of shifts.
The years passed, the family grew up and eventually he published his first novel in 2015. Many of his ideas are inspired by work experiences and travelling around Europe, S.E. Asia, and the USA.
Born in North London, England, Stuart enjoys family life, cinema, and swimming.

I self publish, so the work on the book, this website, and publishing is a solo effort.

However, I have used beta readers for story feedback, a graphic artist for compiling the ebook front cover, and a copyeditor to check grammar, spelling, consistency etc.

Graphic artist

Rachel Bostwick, whom I employed through


I have used Fiverr for copy editing services.

I chose the ebook front covers from as they have a CCO Public Domain licence and I also tipped the artists.