The first task facing Brell Sturlach and her robot assistant is to liberate a prisoner about to be executed. Together they must locate and transport the Locardum ore, used to manufacture deadly weapons, before it falls into criminal hands. Brell is also pursuing a separate goal, namely to kill the man who murdered her partner. He too is after the ore and will punish anyone in his way. 
The story unfolds into an action packed adventure of cat and mouse across the galaxy.
Who will find the Locardum first?
(This novel can be read as a standalone novel, or as part of the Brell Sturlach adventure series.)

Non Sci-Fi.Billie, a loner security guard, convinces herself that a reclusive author can provide vital information on the whereabouts of her missing brother. The brother she swore to protect after a family tragedy ten years ago. She must overcome her aloofness and engage with strangers in order to progress her investigation. Things take a turn when two bumbling criminals kidnap the author. As their paths cross, events soon spiral downwards, propelling Billie into a desperate fight for her own survival.
Along the way she interacts with a vicious crime boss, a dismissive female cop, and a drug cartel.
Can she keep her promise to protect her brother?

Brell Sturlach, is happy piloting her cargo freighter across the galaxy, until Police Corps require her assistance in finding a hidden stash of Locardum, a rare ore used in creating deadly laser weapons. Apart from fears her partner, a Police Corps captain, will be in mortal danger; she is threatened with being returned to prison.
Working as a consultant on a new version of Convict Challenge, a life or death show she once took part in, Brell must pit her wits against others, including a psychotic criminal also intent on finding the Locardum. She is assisted in her search by a robot who enjoys watching pirate drama shows.
Believing one of the challengers on the show, unknowingly holds key evidence to the location of the ore, Brell must overcome a major problem.
If the convict dies during the show, their information dies with them.

(This novel can be read as a standalone novel, or as part of the Brell Sturlach adventure series.)

Disgraced former Police Corps officer Brell Sturlach is serving life imprisonment when informed she will be a contestant on Convict Challenge, a game show. Streamed live across the Associated Planets of the Vorsan Galaxy, the winner gains their freedom. The challenges, set in a series of holographic studio sets, are inspired by a recent visit to an alien planet.
Pitched into a life or death contest, still battling addictions to intoxicants and Deep Yellow, a nano psychotic drug, she must act decisively to survive. Fellow contestants, all convicted murderers, include a nun, an illicit drugs farmer, a female assassin, and a male, whom Brell unfortunately knows from her past.
The first challenge is set in holo world Rome.
This is the first Brell Sturlach adventure novel.

©Copyright Stuart F. Dodds. All rights reserved.

​​​​When Spinney, a young woman and family friend is reported missing, Brell Sturlach, ex-Police Corps, now cargo pilot investigates the circumstances. After initial enquiries stall, Spinney appears as a contestant on Cirkus Disturbanze a bizarre fight to the death media show, organised by a crime boss. Brell vows to find Spinney, whatever the personal cost. With little information available, and after Police Corps failures, she hires a criminal gang, who are currently in prison. With her own liberty at stake, and with her android assistant at her side, Brell must manage not only her new team but her own demons. In what she considers is a suicide mission, Brell must fight her way into the show before Spinney’s starts her next and last fight.  

​Stuart F. Dodds