Deep Yellow

Science fiction action and adventure novel

Disgraced former Police Corps officer Brell Sturlach is serving life imprisonment when informed she will be a contestant on Convict Challenge, a game show. Streamed live across the Associated Planets of the Vorsan Galaxy, the winner gains their freedom. The challenges, set in a series of holographic studio sets, are inspired by a recent visit to an alien planet.
Pitched into a life or death contest, still battling addictions to intoxicants and Deep Yellow, a nano psychotic drug, she must act decisively to survive. Fellow contestants, all convicted murderers, include a nun, an illicit drugs farmer, a female assassin, and a male, whom Brell unfortunately knows from her past.
The first challenge is set in holo world Rome.

If you have read the book, you may have some questions.

But before anyone asks, all the references to people, places and objects in the novel are as written.
For example - Williams’ Believe it or Don't and Turn on, Tune in and Drop it are jokes by Williams not errors by the author. The holo worlds were overseen and written by Williams, he is alien so will not understand everything to do with Inhab-47. Or he knows what he is doing and is having an in-joke at the audiences expense. The holo worlds are from Williams point of view.
I had to tread carefully around any phrases that are trademarked or subject to copyright.

In fact when re-visiting Deep Yellow to updating the blurb and inside info, I changed one of the song titles which starts with 'Viva' and ends with 'Vegas'. This is in case of copyright difficulties. Slightly off topic, but many things are subject to copyright or intellectual property rights  - here is a good example.​

It means that when writing, even science fiction, you have to remain aware of almost throwaway dialogue or references. Mind you - people have to read the book first (or have it drawn to their attention, by someone reading the book in the first place). Perhaps if 'Soni' wanted to sponsor my next book then there may be references to a Theatricalplayers, or Brivai screens. (Watch this space.)

To those of you who downloaded Deep Yellow since first being published in 2015, you may have noticed the front cover - which is here.

Having deciding to write another novel,  with a third on the way, I needed some consistency for all three books covers. Hence the changed cover, plus the addition of 'A Brell Sturlach adventure' as a secondary title to tie the books together. 

​Stuart F. Dodds