​​​​The Search for Locardum

A Brell Sturlach adventure

Brell Sturlach, is happy piloting her cargo freighter across the galaxy, believing her addictions, prison sentence, and escapades on a deadly gameshow are in the past.
However, Police Corps require her assistance in finding a hidden stash of Locardum, a rare ore used in creating deadly laser weapons. Apart from fears her partner, a Police Corps captain, will be in mortal danger; she is threatened with being sent back to prison if she refuses to become involved.
Working as a consultant on a new version of Convict Challenge, a life or death show beamed live around the galaxy, Brell must pit her wits against others, including a psychotic criminal also intent on finding the Locardum. She is assisted in her search by a robot who enjoys watching pirate drama shows.
Believing one of the challengers on the show, unknowingly holds key evidence to the location of the ore, Brell must overcome a major problem.
If the convict dies during the show, their information dies with them.

​Stuart F. Dodds

Released April 2017

A little about the book, without spoilers

​The story is set two years after Deep Yellow and whilst certain story threads are continued , it is intended to be a standalone book. new characters are introduced, but the thrust of the story is about trying to find a large stash of a rare ore Locardum. Hence the title!

Robots, killers and action scenes, it has a little something for everyone.

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