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Cirkus Disturbanze. A new Brell Sturlach Adventure. 

Brell Sturlach, in her early forties, is a disgraced former Police Corps senior officer, ex-convict and now cargo pilot. When her friend’s daughter, Spinney, is reported missing, Brell investigates the circumstances. After initial enquiries stall, Spinney appears as a contestant on Cirkus Disturbanze, a bizarre fight to the death media show, run by a decadent crime boss. Brell vows to find Spinney, whatever the personal cost.

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Second Brell Sturlach adventure

First Brell Sturlach adventure 

...Loved the characters and their backgrounds and the action. Thoroughly satisfied...

The first task facing Brell Sturlach and her robot assistant is to liberate a prisoner about to be executed. Together they must locate and transport the Locardum ore, used to manufacture deadly weapons, before it falls into criminal hands.

​Stuart F. Dodds

Billie, a loner security guard, convinces herself that a reclusive author can provide vital information on the whereabouts of her missing brother. The brother she swore to protect after a family tragedy ten years ago. She must overcome her aloofness and engage with strangers in order to progress her investigation.

Disgraced former Police Corps officer Brell Sturlach is serving life imprisonment when informed she will be a contestant on Convict Challenge, a game show. Streamed live across the Associated Planets of the Vorsan Galaxy, the winner gains their freedom, the losers do not.

Brell Sturlach, is happy piloting her cargo freighter across the galaxy, until Police Corps require her assistance in finding a hidden stash of Locardum, a rare ore used in creating deadly laser weapons. Apart from fears her partner, a Police Corps captain, will be in mortal danger; she is threatened with a return to prison.

Third Brell Sturlach adventure

...A good fast paced read that never got bogged down in detail...

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...being both descriptive and fast moving whilst still retaining humour Billie is an extremely good read...

In 2022

The Brell Sturlach Adventures. A compilation of the first three novels, updated and refreshed in 2022.

1. Deep Yellow

2. The Search for Locardum

3. The Fight for Locardum